How to Lose Stomach Fat

No matter what I did I could not figure out how to lose stomach fat.  I was losing weight by eating right and eliminating processed foods and sugars from my diet, but my once svelte ab area was giving me a hard time. So…

ab challenge

I did this ab challenge with a group of friends.  I started a group on Facebook, posted this graphic (not sure who to give credit to for this great chart) and asked if anyone would be interested in doing the challenge.  It’s fun and competitive when you have company.  The photo below shows my success.  I was exercising irregularly, but doing the ab challenge faithfully every day.  Waist before and after2

The rubbed out information was just some personal stats you guys don’t need to know about.  ;-/ But for losing belly fat, this fun little challenge worked for me.  Be sure to take before and after photos so you can see your progress.